Business valuation calculator

Try our highly sophisticated business valuation calculator. The online valuation calculator is based on advanced algoritms combining a dcf valuation with a comparable companies valuation. The business valuation methods used is the same as corporate finance and proffessional appraisers use.

Online business valuation calculator

The business valuation calculator calculates the value of any business depending on the numbers you type in. It does not save any data neither tracks the numbers you supply. It is also all free.

The inputs in the valuation calculator

The business value calculator is highly sensitive to the forecasts that you type in, so do not be too optimistic about the future, which increases business value quite a lot. If you have questions about the input, please comment below and we will try to assist you. If you find the financial terms way too complicated, we recommend the simple business valuation calculator instead (external link), which is designed to be easy.

General rules for the valuation calculator

First of all, do not use commas, use dots. For example 15.3 is how you write “fifteen point three”. Secondly, fill all available text fields, otherwise the calculation might not work the way it is intended. And remember, this is a valuation tool based on your inputs and our formulas. To get an exact valuation of your company, you might have to hire a business valuation consultant. This business valuation calculator gives you an indicative value of your company.

Business appraisal calculator
Year: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
1. Sales:
2. EBITDA margin in %:
3. Depreciation 2013:
4. Annual investments (CAPEX) 2013:
5. Current assets 2013:
6. Short term debt 2013:
7. Net debt 2013:
8. Size of business (in sales):
9. Industry:

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  1. Ngosa

    Good but can you do something that is Africa specifc

  2. Paul


    what’s the source for the trading multiples that you are referring to?


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